Petitions to the King

Every year the King’s Office deals with between 3,000 and 5,500 petitions: letters addressed to the King by individuals concerning a variety of problems ranging from debts to housing to residence permits. The Office briefs the King on the outcome of the petitions received.

Dealing with petitions

  • The King’s Office studies and summarises the petition and forwards it to the minister or state secretary who is best placed to respond. If the petition focuses on several different issues, the Office can forward the petition to several ministers or state secretaries.
  • The relevant minister or state secretary deals with the petition and bears political responsibility for the response.
  • The minister or state secretary keeps the Office informed of progress.

While a petition is being dealt with, the King’s Office keeps in touch with the petitioner and the relevant ministry or ministries.

The basis for these activities is article 5 of the Constitution, which enshrines the right of petition.

A petition can be sent to the King using the Petition to the King form.